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Transportation Services

We help customers and consumers around the globe with end to end solutions to their needs.

Shipment handling

Our vast sourcing network ensures that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to procuring and delivering any items sought by our valued customers.

Business meeting

We deliver a smooth process comprising of efficiency, effectiveness which leads to most importantly – customer satisfaction.

Logistic support services

We take care of end-to-end logistics for you.

Our qualified and efficient teams are always at your service.



We help with finding the latest items as desired by our customers. Our merchandising teams across our four offices are here to work with you to source products for you to suit your every requirement, budget, timeline as well as features as required by you. 

Production (incl. OEM/ODM)

Whether it is related to garments or electronics, we can provide factory fresh goods according to the clients’ requirement and/or as per our predefined designs

Quality assurance

At Fareast we believe the cornerstone of success lies in the quality of its product. That is by far the most important factor of our business. Hence, we have a team of professionals whom are responsible for a stern quality control –to inspect the goods in question thoroughly and ensure only the best product with highest of quality standards is shipped to our customers.

Shipping and transportation

We have contracts with major freight forwarders and shipping lines enabling to move cargo to anywhere in the world efficiently. We also help with local transport of goods if required at origin.

Procurement, Consolidation and Shipment Handling

As the world we live in today is very open and accessible, we understand a client may wish to order goods from various vendors/factories. Which is why, we are more than happy to handle shipments on their behalf and obtain goods a customer buys directly from another vendor/factory, and follow the same strict Quality assurance process with the goods they supply – with Fareast being a trusted payment source and responsible for fulfilling the order. Consolidation services can also be provided if many items from different vendors need to be put together and shipped concurrently.

Guided assistance

If you are coming to any of our origin countries and need someone to be by your side, look no further. We are here to help at every step of your journey. We can assist clients’ if they need us to join them to visit various markets of their choice and help with communicating with locals.